Definition: The state of being taken and held, as in captive...kept within bounds, confined....held under control of another...being such involuntarily because of a situation that makes free choice or departure difficult...Artist's statement: In a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, I came upon a visual conference of captivity. On the grounds of a castle which called itself an antiques center, stood various statues. Most were women, many disguised as angels. Some were animals. Virtually all were tagged and bubble wrapped, burlap clad or crated. Some looked weary under the sheer weight of themselves. I saw these statues as many possible metaphors for each of our stories, for everyone has had an experience wherein free choice or departure seemed difficult or impossible. These stories, most dramatically, might include Buchenwald or Amistad. More subtle, and perhaps even invisible cages, might include inabilities, disabilities, living inside a chador, existing in a zoo. The same photographs can be understood as a metaphor for such events as the going forth from Egypt. At the very moment of breaking free, the captive's spirit becomes free because the hope for freedom is there